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2018-2019 CMLA Basketball Registration

Welcome CMLA 2018-2019 players!

Registration for the 2018-2019 season will open Aug 12th, 2018
CMLA 3rd to 8th grade boys and girls
• Open- Aug 12th - Aug 26th

SPC 1st and 2nd grade tip-off program
• Open- Aug 12th - Sept 9th

Note: HS CMLA registration will be in October


CMLA Website for League information

Season Information
• SPC Tip-Off Practice for 1st and 2nd graders will start Nov 6th, 2018. 
o Practice days will be published in next couple weeks. 
o Scrimmage games will be on Sundays in Nov-Jan between 1 pm - 3 pm.

• CMLA Practice starts October 1st and first games are November 3rd with championship weekend Feb 9th.

Cost of Registration
SPC Tip-off - $90
CMLA 3rd-8th - $145 (lowest in the CMLA league!)
• Sibling discount - $20 for first kid, $30 for second kid with a $400 maximum for family

Registration and League Information
Note: Since CMLA has strict playing time rules, some divisions might have a wait list for registration. 
The following explains wait list and general information:

1 This is a competitive recreation league as the league does allow AAU and HS Feeder players. The competition of other programs we play are very skilled teams.

2 The league does have playing time rules where each rostered player is required to play 50% of game before free subbing is allowed.

3 Minimum on a roster is 8 and maximum is 10 (unless coach/director approves going to 11 or 12 or a team)

4 For a division, after 10 players register, there will be a wait-list until the count gets to 18. At that point there will be 2 teams. Wait-list priority will be based on registration date/time.
o Teams will only take 11 or 12 players if the Program and Head Coach agree to take this many as this causes issues with meeting playing time restrictions.

5 If there are more than 1 team for a division, an evaluation and snake draft will be conducted between the coaches and program director in attempt to make 2 evenly skilled teams.

6 Players from prior year are not guaranteed to be on the same team each new season.

7 Carpool and friend requests will be considered and noted during draft but not guaranteed in order to keep teams even in a division.

8  All practices are at Queen of Angels, Games will be 5 home, 5 away on Saturdays.

9 While registering please let us know if your child plays other sports/activities in the winter that could cause conflicts with practice and games. 

NOTE: Since coaches only receive 1 practice per week and we do not want to forfeit games, we encourage all kids to not miss practice and games. (this can be discussed with coaches as well)

If you have any questions, you can contact Matt Lister at lister.spcsports@outlook.com or 404-242-7358

Look forward to another Great Season!

2018-2019 CMLA Basketball Registration

2018-2019 CMLA Basketball Registration >>> Register Now!